Too Many Mint Slices

Hello everyone out there, how are you going?
I just ate half a packet of mint slices and now there is nothing on TV so I thought its about time I get my ass into gear and update this poor, neglected blog of mine.
Its been a very busy past few weeks, actually its been pretty hectic since the first week of Jan really.
Lots of exciting news! Firstly I have recently been signed with Reload Agency which is super duper exciting. They are an amazing agency with incredible talent on board so it is an absolute honour to have my name on their books, yippee!
I have been shooting a LOT lately, we did the Spring Summer 2012 campaign for Vanessa Rogers which I cannot wait to share, I know the anticipation is killing you but that will have to wait.
Henryk and I did a little trip down to Melbourne last week for the launch of his Solo Exhibition at the Rtist Gallery in Melbourne. So if your down there you HAVE TO take a look. Im pretty sure its a thing you must do before you die kind of… thing.
Here is a little info for you!
A few weeks ago Henryk and I shot the gorgeous and sassy Simone from Chic for Fashion Gone Rouge.
At about midnight, the night before the shoot I had the idea (quite genius if you ask me) to shoot the model in front of a flower wall.
So we woke up at 5am the next morning and made our way to the flower markets dressed in our PJs and Uggs teamed with the most attractive bed hair you have ever seen.
By 9:30am, 2 Bacon and egg muffins later and a little early morning grumpiness we had created our wall! Success!!
So we quickly went home to get out of our Pjs, rid the smell of sleep, flower sap and become respectable human beings again before everyone arrived at 10.  Its then we get a phone call from our models agency. “The model is sick, not coming sorry, hope this hasn’t put you out.”
our flowers are dying.
poo sticks.
So we frantically called every model agency that we know until finally the clouds parted and an angel named Simone came down from above. What a BABE. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect girl for this shoot, like seriously.
I mean, LOOK at her.
Babe town.
And I must mention, as usual Lauren McCowan was the absolutely amazing and talented hairstylist she usually is. I wonder if it gets boring being so ridiculously awesome all the time? I will have to ask her next time I see her.
So there you have it.. somehow we pulled this thing together in 4 hours and I must say I kind of love it. kind of meaning a lot. Its just all the things I love, amazing hair, stunning girl, yummy makeup and pretty FLOWERS!
Photography by Henryk
Makeup by Amelia Axton @ Reload Agency
Hair by Lauren McCowan for Cloud Nine
Manicure by ShellacMe
Model: Simone @ Chic

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